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The Jobsite Challenge

Sometimes, I think we miss the forest for the trees. In our well-intentioned efforts to reach people, I think we overlook opportunities right in front of us. When churches begin a worship space renovation, a new construction project, launch a new campus, or transition to a portable building, the church intersects with the lives of […]

MegaChurch Myths

Statistically speaking, most of the readers of this blog serve (as volunteers or staff) in churches of less than 400 attenders. A say “statistically” because the majority of churches in America don’t count weekend attendance in thousands. Yet, our culture tends to view megachurches as the omniscient source of knowledge for the how-to’s of ministry. […]

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It’s been sometime since I’ve blogged. What once was an idea in a notebook, then personal blog has grown into this. Lighting vendor? Sure. Design Resource? Ok Repository of cool inspiration? Maybe. The idea which has grown from much prayer and God’s perfect timing and resources is now a healthy handful of things to manage […]

Something personal about calling…

Where are you called? Sure, many of us would say “church production”, “technical arts”, “lighting”, “video”….but for who? This weekend was emotional for me. Huge victories and huge challenges. I listened to some┬áteaching about work, occupation and calling which has broken down some of my fairly-established assumptions about my work in the church.┬áMy all too […]