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Can vs. Should

I had a great conversation with a church production buddy of mine. Why are we so quick to answer “we can,” instead of asking “should we?” Well designed worship spaces and full of production infrastructure to support flexibility – those are good things. Churches grow, styles shift, the Spirit moves – concrete and rebar are […]

Design thoughts from an unusual source

My wife and I attended a regional WGI competition this past weekend. What is WGI? Short answer: an international association of color guard units that have several large regional competitions leading up to a world final usually in Dayton, OH. If you’ve ever been to a drum corps (marching band on steroids) show, these are […]

Hello, world!

Hello! It’s time for my obligatory first-post, even if it’s slightly overdue. As Matt mentioned a few posts ago, he and I have joined forces, and I’m super excited about what we’re working on. Here’s just a bit about me and where I’ve come from: Lighting is a passion for me. I grew up in […]