Discover Life Church

We started working on Discover Life Church when it was still known as Church on the Rock. The congregation had a super cool barn building loaded with history. Unfortunately, the interior of the barn didn’t match the people and mission of the church. The church reached out to Bargeheights and we helped by providing design services, guiding church volunteers through a complete renovation. We also supplied some of our most popular lighting products, the LED36 and BAR252, to paint the new worship space with deep color.

Lighting and Stage Design by Bargeheights

Church on the Rock Before
Once an old barn, Discover Life Church is a now a modern worship space with tons of character.

Church on the Rock Progress

Because of the history of the space, church leaders wanted to leave the wood wall panels undisrupted. This drove much of the design process and selection of textures and color for the interior. In the pice above, you can see the new recessed downlight houselight installed within the open ceiling grid. To give some contrast, new ductwork for HVAC was left in a natural unpainted state. Church volunteers constructed a new stage deck based on drawings provided by Bargeheights. Lighting positions were added for backlight and new front light positions were created. Church volunteers put together simple, clean softgoods upstage.


Take a look at Discover Life Church’s new promo video for a look at the completed space!


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