Satellite Campus Stage Design

Multi-site churches are plentiful these days. We love to help multisite churches with lighting design and stage / set design. So often, it’s easy to think of lighting and scenic design as elements for the originating campus only. However, that’s not the case! Here’s an inside look at how we designed and deployed a stage look at a satellite location. I’ve blogged about the design process of the originating campus here, what follows is the adaptation of the design to a smaller venue.


The idea for Crossroads’ Georgetown campus was to repeat the same elements, but in a smaller scale. The Georgetown campus had some 2×4 frames which held a previous set, so just like Crossroad’s originating campus, we repurposed these frames with minor modifications to work for the new designs.

Crossroads Georgetown Tungsten
The main campus design contained lots of tungsten – flown and ground stack (floor) based. The Georgetown campus has very limited dimming- just enough to handle front light lekos, and a very low ceiling. So, I chose to repeat the floor-baesd elements of the orginal design, which was possible to circuit from a single low cost portable dimmer pack. This campus is typical of what we advocate for many church worship spaces – all tungsten front lighting combined with LED sources upstage for backlight and scenic wash. In a space so dominated by LED sources, dropping in some tungsten gear upstage makes a HUGE impact. Running the floor based self-built tungsten lights in this space at 25% creates a soft, warm glow – a look that’s nearly impossible to achieve from LED sources.

Crossroads Georgetown Campus
During the stage turn, we also dropped CTB color correction through the front light instruments. Color temperature differences aren’t bad, in fact, good LD’s will specifically use the inherent differences in color temp between light sources for creative effect. In this situation, I found too much contrast in color temp between the upstage LED instruments, and the tungsten front light.

Crossroads Georgetown new stage look

Crossroads Georgetown Building Set Design

Crossroads Georgetown Set Build
The Georgetown campus always has GREAT volunteer turn out, and this project was no exception. Lots of hands on deck to knock out the build!







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