Your Calling and Church Lighting

I’ve been getting together with a few guys one morning a week to study a book together, share some life and support each other in figuring out the path God has laid out for our lives. We just finished up a great book by Gary Barkalow, It’s Your Call. Gary was a member of John Eldrige’s (Wild at Heart, Fathered by God) camp before venturing out on his own to work with folks specifically focused on their calling.

The book is a MUST read. There are too many concepts to share – but I’ll say that there is application for everyone. Yes, this isn’t one of those church-staff-only kind of books. In fact, in the book, the idea of a vocation and a calling are explained in great detail. Believe it or not, they’re not the same!

It's Your Call

As several of my twitter followers have gathered, I’ve recently taken a big step towards living in my calling by focusing on my work with Bargeheights with all my time. The study of It’s Your Call with some of the greatest guys in my life couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

I strongly encourage you to grab a copy and read for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!


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