Can vs. Should

I had a great conversation with a church production buddy of mine. Why are we so quick to answer “we can,” instead of asking “should we?” Well designed worship spaces and full of production infrastructure to support flexibility – those are good things. Churches grow, styles shift, the Spirit moves – concrete and rebar are not very flexible. Good production infrastructure supports growth, but it must be respected. In the battle of what can and should be done, should is more important.

Should we? Many moving head lights (BH’s moving line included) have shutters. We can chase the shutters to create rapid flashes of light. But…should we? We can capture the room with a video camera, but should we put this image on the primary video surfaces? We can use a big projector and giant screen upstage of a teacher, but should we use plasma instead? These are not easy discussions, and there are rarely clear cut, black and white answers.

I’ve come to believe that there’s a lot we church production people can do. In fact, very little we can’t. The challenge to design great spaces, exercise sound stewardship of our resources and produce great worship experiences is about asking “Should I?”

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