Christmas 2011 at Southland

Good stuff going on over at Southland these days! A new upstage projection surface was added in early December to provide graphics support for teaching. The screen drove the plot and stage layout for the next season.

To compliment the screen, Schedule 40 pipe configured in trapezoids was flown to provide aerial positions stage left, stage right and center. Source4 Pars lined the downstage side of the flown trapezoids. To help shape the rig around the large video surface, Akalite octostrips were hung to accentuate the upstage to downstage lines of the flown pipe.

Christmas at Southland 2011

Christmas Eve services included some salvaged 20k Fresnels to complement downstage soloist placement.

Worship Wide

Current worship look: Mac600s, Bargeheights 1200s, Akalite Octostrips and new Bargeheights 1200MkII’s pack a punch. 26deg Lekos provide minimalistic band backlight.

Worship Blue

Downstage Worship Leaders looking good, illuminated with a system of lekos and L&E ministrips for footlight.

Worship Warm

The new Bargeheights 1200MkII’s (far SL, SR) have some impressive output, and width!

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