Turning Point Worship Space Renovation

During the end of 2011, Bargeheights partnered with Turning Point church to renovate an existing worship space, inherited from a partner church. The existing 50′ by 50′ industrial space utilized for worship was functional, but not consistent with the vision and values of the church. The color palette was a bit confused and the stage and production systems under equipped to support the church’s vision for a dynamic, progressive style of worship.

[Overview of the space before renovation]

The Bargeheights team provided detailed design drawings, beginning with space renderings to help Turning Point leadership determine the best selection of production system options. Later in the process, Bargeheights issued a detailed drawing package to guide stage construction, electrical infrastructure and production systems integration.

TP Rendering

[Initial Design Rendering]

TP Room Progress

[New Colors going up in the space. The color palette designed by Bargeheights helped tie existing floor finish and chairs to the new, crisp aesthetic.]

“The room presented some challenges. A small stage existed in the corner. While too small, the idea of a corner stage worked within the room and helped breakup what otherwise is a very square space. During the design phase, we elected to keep a corner stage location, but stretched width and included a radiused front to help soften the more expansive stage platform. The curves also helped define seating within the room, providing a relief from the hard lines of a square space.

To provide the best possible sight lines, and offer a visual “punch”, we landed on a three screen video solution. Cost was extremely reasonable for visual impact, facilitated by three DLP projectors with content delivered by ProPresenter. The elongated rectangle of three 16:9 screens also helped balance the width of the new stage.

LED Color

The final result is a functional modern worship space with clean lines and a crisp color palette. The lighting system features Bargeheights BAR252s for upstage scenic wash, LED36′s for backlight and six ETC Source4 Jr lekos for frontlight. ETC Dimming was also integrated to provide control of existing houselights. Lighting control is facilitated by a Chamsys MagicQ PC solution. Velour softgoods hung stage left, combined with careful selection of paint colors ensured the upstage LED wash maintained punch to dynamically propel color throughout the space.

Room Wide

[A new stage, with complimenting radiuses, and a small "side stage" for transition speakers helps support the church's vision for multi-campus video based teaching from day one.]

Red Look

[A Bargeheights LED lighting solution offers cost effective visual impact loaded with flexibility.]

More Pics of Turning Point’s renovation here

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