Harbor Renovation

Humbled. That’s all I can say about this project. Bargeheights partnered with Harbor Community Church in the Lakeside neighborhood of New Orleans to overhaul their worship space over the last month. We were honored to serve alongside such dedicated, passionate and committed staffers, volunteers – and even a missions team in town for a visit! This is the real deal. Ministry in a challenging environment—where planters spend years just figuring out the culture. Pastor James’ insight into the city and culture is nothing short of amazing. And Harbor’s partnership with Bargeheights is extremely humbling. This is EXACTLY the type of project the Bargeheights crew loves to take on!

The leadership team at Harbor sent us an impressive set of pictures and measurements and the BH design team went to town cranking out drawings, details and concepts. James and Zach at Harbor “went there” with us on every design suggestion. They trusted us, and listened to our coaching. The result is something wonderful; a true representation of what happens when passionate people collaborate and work together.

The Auditorium at Harbor presented a number of challenges. Remodeled shortly after Hurricane Katrina, the interior finishes did not reflect the vision and style of the church. The post-modern exterior has lots of potential, but the interior felt disconnected. Harbor also didn’t have any existing visual production gear—no lighting, no lyric presentation equipment. To make things even more challenging, the majority of the room was plaster construction–not the easiest for rigging.


Harbor Before


Teaching Shot


A Bargeheights designed interior plan helped shaped the room, using variations in paint tone and finish textures to focus attention toward the stage. We also designed a modern take on a New Orleans shutter to minimize undesirable windows in the auditorium.

Modern New Orleans Shutters

Red Worship Look



On the lighting side, BH designed a versatile, minimally invasive rig using six BH LED36′s for side/backlight across the stage, and 4 ETC Source 4 Jr Lekos for key light. Bargeheights also overhauled house lighting for the auditorium using an ETC Smartfade dimmer panel. New recessed can lights were installed around the perimeter of the room to replace aging fluorescent fixtures. Bargeheights also designed new self-built (for dirt cheap) linen drum lamp shade lights which were built by volunteers to provide dimmable houselight over the center of the room using existing ceiling boxes. We also were able to help Harbor by designing and integrating a new ProPresenter based video rig.

This renovation came together beautifully—all because of a AMAZING church with AMAZING people and their willingness to explore new ideas. It’s also a great demonstration of how good communication and drawings can enable renovation without requiring tons and tons of onsite time.

Harbor- it was too much fun! Thanks for your amazing hospitality, all the laughs and the joy of serving together. We pray that your ministry continues to expand!!

light mounting

Plaster Construction = unique rigging. Low Profile and Sleek!

Room Back
View of the auditorium space. Visual interiors and house light designed by Bargeheights.


A shot during band load in


Completed Stage and Scenic Look. BH LED36 LEDs, BAR252′s and some dirt cheap set design!


Drum Lamp Shades. Fancy Finish. Built by Volunteers for Dirt Cheap.


Pastor James teaching in the renovated Auditorium

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