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It’s been sometime since I’ve blogged. What once was an idea in a notebook, then personal blog has grown into this. Lighting vendor? Sure. Design Resource? Ok Repository of cool inspiration? Maybe. The idea which has grown from much prayer and God’s perfect timing and resources is now a healthy handful of things to manage and a growing resource to help churches. Just as with growth in my personal life—growth is good, but it’s often challenging. I’m comforted to read how even giant organizations struggle with brand identity, social media presence, strategy and customer service. It’s good to know the growth Bargeheights is experiencing is good and the challenges we face are not unique.

So here’s where it is for me…

//// I’m still a person and this blog will still be about people, their thoughts, ideas and hearts/// Don’t get me wrong, my friends and I love sharing about how one of our crazy design ideas worked…but this blog is about more than cool lighting and set design ideas. It’s real people. Real lives. Real stuff. It’s the kind of posts I like to read…and the stuff I hope you want to read too :)

Yes, Bargeheights offers some really cool lighting and led video products for a nice price. But, it is also two words scratched in the back of a notebook. It’s a group of likeminded church production guys with thoughts, ideas, dreams and a light or two…who want to share their thoughts with the world. We’re just artists, making art because of and in honor of our Creator. These guys also happen to be some of my closest friends….people who care about me, and who I care about. I’m committing to continue to blog about the dynamics of our relationships, the values of volunteers and staff serving in the church and a crazy idea or two :)

No apologies, Bargeheights is not just gear. It’s people.

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