Bargeheights Lighting at SoAcres Kidstuf

Rallying behind the vision of a new young pastor, Southern Acres Christian Church turned to Bargeheights to develop a cost effective lighting lighting solution. With the help of Bargeheights Lighting, a former church gym was converted into a effective, high value live performance venue.

soacres acoustic set to open up new space

Bargeheights Gear: LED 36 led wash. 252 BAR led wash bar. LED PAR led par can. MH 575 moving head profile. BH 1×8 DMX Distro

Other Gear: 26′ circle truss. 70′ box truss. Existing Altman Ellipsoidal and Board Battens. ETC Sensor Rack Dimming. Unique 2 Hazer.

Control: ETC ION with 2×10 fader wing, dual 19″ Touchscreen monitors.

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