Big Church in Kidstuf

I’ve worked alongside some of my good friends @soacres during the last several weeks finishing up the avl (audio, video, lighting) system install for @soacres’ new Kidstuf theater. After the push, the church leadership decided to hold an opening “big church” service in the new space.

The room and rig has come a long way since the beginning of the summer. Search through older posts on this blog to see the progress.

view from the ION at Kidstuf by Bargeheights
View from the ETC ION lighting desk at Front of House.

kidstuf room by bargeheights 2
Wide Shot. Check out the circle truss, Bargeheights Movers and Blue VDub bus!

kidstuf room by bargeheights 5
@matthewmowery, @boofdaddy and @hannhamowery doin some big church worship

band 2
More of the band. Illumination c/o Bargeheights MH 575 profiles and Bargeheights LED 36 goodness.

But, it’s not all about gear. It’s about people. Many years ago I was an annoying punk high school kid who knew little but wanted to learn and follow a leader. Through the friendship and mentoring of a handful of people, I came to an understanding of my “calling” as a production artist.I wouldn’t have a desire to serve today, nor would I know ANYTHING about the art and technique of production if not for the shaping of a few really awesome guys…

Clifton is one of the those guys.Great friend, amazing teacher and a huge part of why I do what I do. He taught me lessons in life, lighting and overall production coolness. Thanks dude–I have so much more to learn.

clifton at the ION with bargeheights lights
clifton and the moving light
Clifton sizing up the “wiggle lights”

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